YMGI 2 Ton 24000 BTU Two Zone Ductless Mini Split ductless air Conditioner SKJ89

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YMGI 2 Ton 24000 BTU Two Zone Ductless Mini Split ductless air Conditioner SKJ89

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YMGI 2 Ton 24000 BTU Two Zone Ductless Mini Split ductless air Conditioner SKJ89

YMGI 24000

12000 BTU + 12000 BTU


Condition: Brand New item unused unopened in original
sealed package


  •            Cooling
  •            Heating
  •            Dehumidification
  •            Air


  •          Two Zone Air Condition with Heat Pump
  •          One
    Outdoor unit with 2 Indoor  air handler units (12000 BTU, 12000 BTU)
  •          24000
    BTU Heating Cooling And Dehumidification
  •          22 SEER DC Inverter Compressor from Mitsubishi
  •          Super
    Quiet Auto Restart, digital Timer and Turbo Mode


  • Variable Speed Compressor: Mitsubishi
  • 21 SEER efficiency, DC inverter technology
  • AHRI certified
  • Whisper-quiet operation, Low voltage start 
  •  Stable
    Operation at Low Frequency
  •  Random
    pitch cross flow fan wheel
  •  Dry
    anti-mould coil
  •  LCD
    display, Turbo mode, 3 fan speeds 
  •  Quick
    access, washable air filter
  •  Auto level
    swing, Wide angle air distribution, Auto Restart,
  •  24-hour
    programmable timer, Sleep mode, Independent  Dehumidification 
  •  Enhanced
    copper/coil, Corrosion resistant cabinet, Thoroughly tested ensure longer

YMGI Smart Technologies

  •  Auto-Restart:
    After a power cut the unit will restart automatically with the previous
    function setting when the power returns.
  • Intelligent Auto-Defrosting: The unit can enter or quit the defrosting mode
    automatically by timely detecting the frosting situation of the outdoor
  • Sleep Mode: Because our body temperature cools down as we sleep,
    the unit automatically adjusts the setting for all-night comfort.
  • Air Purifying and Deodorizing
     Industrial development has offered from one side a
    better life style, but on the other side, it has increased polluting
    substances presence in the air that helps in spreading of various kinds of
    diseases. Among the polluting agents, the ones we can more frequently find
    at home are anti-bacterial dust particles, moulds and etc, which are
    causing allergic phenomenon, breathing and typical upper respiratory
    problems. This dual washable filter screen is effective in preventing
    anti-bacteria mould and duct particles and ensuring a healthy indoor
  • Turbo Mode: This function enables the unit to reach the preset
    temperature in the shortest time.
  • Self-diagnosis and
    Auto-Protection Function:
    function can electronically detect the errors and display the diagnosis by
    a series of flashing LEDs on the indoor unit. Then the unit will
    automatically switch to protection mode.


  • The rated performance data printed on the nameplate
    were tested per AHRI 210/240 standards at standard indoor & outdoor
    conditions and standard installation set-up.
  • Actually the DC inverter outdoor unit could modulate to
    match whatever capacity needs are called/requested from indoor side, to
    produce a wide range of capacities, minimum could be about 15% of the
    rated number and maximum could be around 160% of the rated number.
  • Once the DC inverter system is installed, each indoor
    unit’s output and so the outdoor unit performance will all vary over the
    operation period: soft starting, turbo quick cooling/heating, maintaining,
    defrosting, switching, and other condition changes.
  •  Actual
    performance varies upon many factors such as indoor and outdoor
    temperatures, inter-connecting pipe length/ bending, elevation difference
    between indoor and outdoor units, refrigerant charging level, vacuum
    level, leakage, air or moisture or contamination level, foreign substance
    left in the piping, indoor filter clean level, indoor and outdoor coil
    conditions, and other factors.
  • When the rated total capacity of all the indoor units
    exceeds the rated capacity of outdoor unit, each indoor unit may not
    output the rated capacity and one may differ from other, upon other
    installation/operation factors, it all units are turned on to run
    compressor simultaneously.


  • Whenever the outdoor unit gas valve of size 3/8″
    is to connect with indoor unit gas pipe of 1/2″ or 5/8″, one
    3/8″ – 1/2″ or 3/8″ – 5/8″ adaptor is to be used in
    between. This reducer is packed separately and shall be installed at job
  • Any indoor unit is 30′ or more apart from the outdoor
    unit, better to adjust refrigerant. If it is 50′ or more apart, better to
    upper size the copper lines and adjust refrigerant.
  • Any run cannot be more than 100′ apart from the outdoor
    unit; otherwise, that indoor unit capacity may be reduced

BTU / Area Coverage Guide

12000 BTU covers Approx 

500 ft²

18000 BTU covers Approx 75

0 ft²

24000 BTU covers Approx 1100


* Cover area is a guide only, other factors should also be taken into consideration such as ceiling height, number of windows and wall material those affect insulation Please check and Confirm with Licenced HVAC Installed for  the size of unit that suit your need. 


  •          Bar and Pub
  •          Hotel
  •          Home
  •          Office
  •          Green House
  •         Condos
  •          Resort
  •          Factory
  •          Nursing Home
  •         Residential Apartment
  •         Office
  •         Restaurant

Package Include

  •  Condenser
    R410A pre-charged (outdoor unit) 
  •  2
    X Air Handler w/wall bracket (
    for indoor unit)
  •  2
    X Wireless Remote control 
  •  Installation Lineset (insulated copper line set with nuts, control
    cable and misc.) at 25 Ft for each indoor unit
  •  Installation
    and Operation Manuals
  •  Manufacturer
    warranty Certificate


All YMGI products
come with standard 7 years limited warranty for compressor and 2 years limited
warranty of parts for indoor units and installation kit. If you have any
questions related to the operation of your equipment you are always welcome to
contact us by email or phone and we will there to assist. Our contact information
will be available in the warranty certificate.

Notice and Installation

YMGI does not provide installation
for equipment. Customer will need to hire a licensed HVAC technician and
install the equipment in a professional manner.

Installation by unlicensed personnel
will automatically void YMGI standard warranty and it is strongly not
recommended as it may cause danger to your property. YMGI and bizlander cannot
be held liable for any damage that caused by improper installation. Please be advised that federal law prohibits opening any
refrigeration line by anyone not properly licensed.

Please be noted returned warranty
certificate will be deemed as valid only if it is signed, dated and noted with
details of technician which responsible for the installation.


YMGI endeavour to
ensure all information given here (include technical data, and other
information) is correct. However due to omissions, errors and out-of-date data
from constant improvement, YMGI and bizlander reserve all rights to modify any
part of the content without notice. Every reasonable effort has been made to
ensure all information contained here is correct. 

YMGI 2 Ton 24000 BTU Two Zone Ductless Mini Split ductless air Conditioner SKJ89

Advantages To Ductless Air Conditioners

an air conditioning equipment, which can be often called AC ( in the us and Canada), or an air-con (in Britain and Australia), is actually an unit that runs on the refrigeration system to drain out temperature from a specific area. The HVAC is the unit that is complete that has an at all times mechanism for heating, ventilating and air conditioning.

This kind of air-con indeed comes with numerous benefits, but the problem is so it can extend your utility bills, compel you to definitely keep yourself indoors, cause a great deal of noise and will even make you sick. Some problems can crop up if also your air conditioning equipment is not precisely set up, or is not sufficiently maintained. The worst mistake that individuals make is to keep their doorways and windows open while their air conditioner is on. Well, discarding your machine is no solution to these problems, while you would just be depriving your self regarding the coziness of your rooms. Why don’t you decide to try the latest cooling technology instead?

The Ductless Split Air Conditioners are precisely what you'll need to meet your cooling and heating issues.

This unit has an evaporator, which can be put up indoors in a stylish cabinet that is space-economic. This evaporator has to be joined through refrigerant or coolant pipes, to a outdoor product, technically called a condenser. The operation is as the installation! No ductwork that is hazardous to the scene, and you may even save a lot of cash on your electricity bills. This air conditioner is really space saving and so will not interfere with your inside designs. The unit that is indoor particularly constructed to make certain a complete sound free cooling that does not compromise the vitality effectiveness. The rotary compressors produce the amount that is lowest of noise and guarantee a superb cooling as well!

Ductless air conditioners would be the smartest choice for those cases where ductwork becomes too expensive, or is too problematic. The efficient air that is indoor plus the outdoor condenser are matched completely to make installation quite simple.

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