Whynter 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Heater w/ Remote ARC-12SDH

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Whynter 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Heater w/ Remote ARC-12SDH

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Whynter 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Heater w/ Remote ARC-12SDH

About this product

Product Identifiers
Brand Whynter
GTIN 0891207001972
UPC 0891207001972
Model ARC-12SDH
eBay Product ID (ePID) 96931275

Product Key Features
Energy Star Without ENERGY STAR®, Compliant
Color White
Power Phase 1 Phase
Number of Zones 1
Voltage 115 V
Features Cooling, Remote Control, Heater, Mobile,Remote Control,Timer, Digital Display,Hose Included,Mobile,Remote Control,Thermostat Included,Timer, Digital,Remote Control, Thermostat Included, Dehumidifier,Digital Display, Mobile, Digital Display, Remote, Timer, Auto On/Off,Remote Control,Timer, Dehumidifier, Digital Display, Adjustable Humidistat, auto on off, Timer, Heating, Adjustable Humidistat,Automatic Shutoff,Digital Display,Timer, Automatic Shutoff, Hose Included, Eco-Friendly, Programmable Timer, Automatic Shutoff,Dehumidifier,Digital Display

Depth 16.5
Width 20 in
Length 43.00
Weight 98.75 lbs
Height 34

Additional Product Features
Origin United States
Power Source Electric, 115 V / 60Hz / 1 Phase
Size L 43 x W 22 x H 19 inches
Vent Hose Exhaust Configuration Dual Hose
Air Conditioner Product Type Portable Unit
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 10.9
Cool Area (Sq. Ft.) 400
ReleaseDate 2010-10-23
Noise level (dBA) 56
Noise Level it is not quite, medium auto setting
Cooling BTU/Hr 12000
Filter Type Washable
Decibel Rating 56 dBA
BTU 11001 – 13000
Room Coverage Area 400 sq. feet
Amps 10.5
Air Flow Direction 2-Way
Style Modern
Hose Exhaust Dual
Measuring Unit Unit
Heating Capacity 11000 BTU/h
BTU’s 10,000 BTU
Condensation Removal Self-evaporative
Dehumidifying Capacity 55 pints / day
Vent hose configuration Dual
Type Portable
Assembled Product Weight 71 lbs
Frequency 60Hz
Mounting Location Portable
Moisture removal capacity (pints/day) 96
UL Listed Yes
Cooling Capacity 12000BTU/HR
Moisture Removal 4 pints/h
Cooling Capacity (BTUs) 10,001-15,000
Adjustable Humidistat No
Window kit length Max. 46″
BTU Cooling Rating 12000
Drive With
Heater mode No
Product Type Air Conditioners
Certifications and Listings 1-UL Listed
Fan Speeds (Cooling) 3
Timer Length 24 hour
Voltage (volts) 115
Gross Weight 95 lbs
Air Conditioner Features Adjustable Humidistat,Automatic Shutoff,Timer
Maximum power consumption 1100 W / 10.5 A
Refrigerant R-410A
Operation Dual Hose
Drain Hose Included No
Heating BTU/Hr 11000
Control Type Digital
Finish Plastic
AC Voltage Powered
Coverage 400 sq ft
Cord Length 6.5
Room Size (Sq. Ft.) Large Room (600+ sq. ft.), Medium Room (300-600 sq. ft.)
Smart Home Protocol 188 CFM

Whynter 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Heater w/ Remote ARC-12SDH

Choosing The Right Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are regarded as being a gadget that is essential invariably for every season. People no more consider air conditioning units as luxury since it has become a component and parcel of every home, offices, hotels, and nearly all the places that are prominent. Air conditioners are chosen because pollution and dust is completely eradicated from the rooms.

Ac units are available in different brands and capacities. They vary only on few main grounds like sound produced, competence, and comfort. The most selective companies manufacturing air that is explicit are Kenmore, LG, Frigidaire, GE, and few more to name. Adding for this, national has facilitated people by asking the air conditioning equipment manufacturers to boost the energy efficiency rate thereby making the purchase easier. Folks have to calculate the minimal period of time they anticipate their air conditioners to be retained and then arrive upon a spending plan to get an air conditioning equipment.

Energy efficient rated air conditioners perform magnificently and their possibility of cooling is also ranked good. These air conditioners are user friendly and have electronic controls accessible at feather touch. a bedroom that is petite of to 150 square feet can be associated with economical models. Economical model air conditioners may also be facilitated with features like cooling rates, timer, electronic touchpad, and handheld remote control. Larger rooms of 18 x 20 feet require air conditioners with more facilities like four method atmosphere deflection, digital temperature, and electronic settings. Techniques have improved therefore well that the installation of these units really is easy like the air that is main in the devices and also the lightweight carcass on the screen. Nowadays, air conditioning units can be obtained with a series of facilities like timers, remote controls, speed fans with sleep settings, digital displays also as being a check filter that acts like a reminder and it is a money saver as it turns the fan off whenever the compressor is no longer working.

Air conditioners are most readily useful purchased taking into consideration few such things as one should calculate the location and then choose the desired size of the air-conditioner. A big room can't be accommodated having a little unit as it's going to defy from providing cooling that is enough.

Likewise, very large atmosphere conditioners do not prohibit moisture efficiently. As air conditioners are fixed installations, one needs to start thinking about the weight of air conditioners. The lightest air conditioner weighs approximately 100 pounds. So choosing air conditioner by having a fall in framework makes installation easier. The electrical fittings must be taken into concern like fitting a 220 volt plug and especially the sound of the atmosphere conditioner. an expensive air conditioning equipment will prove effective as it will save power and even a light sleeper can sleep tight. So it's crucial so that you can go ahead with acquisitions bearing in mind his conveniences and convenience

This is a job that is tough the summertime months without the right air conditioning. Generally it is hot, and it's also humid too. By having an atmosphere conditioner installed not only will it cool your surroundings cool but you'll also have a less humid place to work or relax in.

There are mainly four kinds of air conditioning units available in the market. They are:

1. Central Air Conditioners
2. Window Air Conditioners
3. Freestanding Air Conditioning Units
4. Ductless Air Conditioning Units

Among these, probably the most convenient and economical will be the freestanding air conditioners. There are a wide range of benefits that the ones that are freestanding over the other types. We will list a few below.

First, the freestanding air conditioning equipment is easy and simple to install. In fact there is hardly anything to install. You only have to connect it in plus it is willing to start working. But with screen air conditioners, and more so with main atmosphere conditioners, you'll want to go through a lot of installation work. This does not only mean you need certainly to tolerate a large amount of hassle, but in addition got to spend a significant amount of cash to have the units installed. There are not any such costs with an air conditioner that is freestanding.

The other great advantage is that with a freestanding air conditioner you may have it wherever you desire to contain it. Therefore once you are in your living room with friends you may have it over there, and whenever you are right back for to sleep after an evening of enjoyable you might have it in your bed room. The freestanding ac units are light enough to be moved around. This implies that you are able to further save on your expenses. If you had window ac units you required to install separate ones for each of the rooms. With freestanding air conditioning units you can do with an unit that is single. Although central air conditioners fun the air of all the rooms together, but they also consume much more power compared to freestanding air conditioning units. Energy will be expended for spaces that aren't occupied. With freestanding air conditioners you can lessen your electricity bills.

Since there are not any installation problems it can anywhere be used. While window air conditioning units demand a window or an available stretch of wall therefore the main atmosphere conditioner calls for the provisions for ducts, you can place the freestanding ac units anywhere.

Ac units Types and their Advantages

Nothing comforts than the chilly breeze from the vent of a ac on a hot summer time afternoon. Having an air conditioner you are able to beat the temperature and there is no need to worry about the weather outside that is warm. More efficient models of air conditioning units are coming into the marketplace everyday that is power saving and user friendly.

If we go through the working of a ac, it is very simple. When hot air passes through the coils of an air conditioner, the moisture from the heated air will be removed and this in turn reduces the humidity associated with the spot and helps it be cool. The moisture that is separated condenses regarding the cold coils and is drained away from the air conditioner.

There are various types of air conditioners such as portable, through the wall, window, packaged terminal, ductless or mini-split and central air-conditioning. The through- the-wall and window types work in a manner that is analogous but the position of the ac in the room differs. The screen type is set up in the available room window whereas the through the wall type is fitted by making a space into the wall. The type that is portable more freedom as it can be relocated from place to destination. The air handler is kept inside the room and the compressor is kept outside in the Ductless type. Packaged terminal atmosphere conditioners enclose cooling and heating elements and are set up through the wall. Central air conditioning units will be the best bet it also dehumidify and filters the air as it not only cools the air.

Portable Air Conditioning Equipment

The window and portable air conditioners are meant for a smaller area, generally a room while the central air conditioners are meant for entire houses or offices. The central air conditioners need a healthy investment and also your house will need the provisions to get it set up. Window air conditioners should also be fitted to the window or a wall and requires installation facilities.

Portable air conditioning units are better on that count as there is no installation hassle and it is possible to simply put the plug in the socket and luxuriate in the nice cooling effects of air conditioner.

Of course, being portable also allows it to be carried anywhere we want them to. The portable air purifiers are generally used in conjunction with the central air conditioners for commercial purposes. Even with the best organized duct network and proper outlets in a large factory floor there remains a few hot spots where air form the central air conditioner usually do not achieve. For such areas placing an air that is portable can solve the problem. So, portable air conditioners are of great advantage to many a business and warehouse owners. a comfortable environment ensures that their workers can focus on their work and not be concerned about other fundamental things.

Portable air conditioners are ideal for domestic purposes additionally. In the event that you have a small family members and most of the rooms within your house are not occupied at one given time, then you definitely can go for portable air conditioners. Like that you don’t need certainly to invest separately on atmosphere conditioners for every single space but carry your portable air conditioner where you might be. It in the living room when you are watching a movie on your television, place. Whenever it s time for sleep you can just move it to your bedroom.

Window Air Conditioners

Are you thinking of replacing your old and window that is battered conditioner that have certainly seen better times? Why would you settle for some less efficient piece whenever there is several new and impressive models being easily available in the market today! However if you are planning to purchase a new window atmosphere conditioner, there are some primary features that you ought to consider and take into consideration.

One of the major attributes that you should consider is the capacity that is cooling of window air conditioner. The higher BTU (British Thermal Units) means a more efficient cooling power. The BTU should be proportionate to the location for the room since ac items with too much cooling capacity may have a more frequent on and off cycle. A lot of the screen atmosphere conditioners have a BTU rating of 10,000, which can be perfect for a medium sized room.

You likewise require to check out the product of power effectiveness, which is measured by the EER of the Energy Efficiency Rating. Units with higher EER are more effective and means a lowered energy bill for you. In consideration to the increasing price of energy across the usa today, yet another point regarding the EER on your unit can easily create a difference in you monthly bill. And needless to say you additionally have to be sure that the unit you want to buy could be the size that is exact the window where you will be planning to mount you window air conditioner.

When looking for the window that is right conditioner, you will need to check always the noise degree of these products. There are many units today that are relatively quieter than the older ones. The ability that is dehumidifying of screen air conditioner should be checked. Although all units have actually this capability, some tend to be more efficient and effective in producing an appropriate environment particularly during summer time season.

There are actually some models in industry that significantly exceed the standards set by the government for window air conditioners today. The American Council for an Energy- Efficient Environment (ACEEE) releases yearly documents on the many energy-efficient devices available in the market today, which serves as a really basis that is good customer when choosing among the different products in the market today.

So before you buy a brand unit that is new remember to discuss with, instead of just purchasing any product next to the shelf. This may prevent you from making a costly mistake in the run that is long.

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